The Best Gifts for Athletes: Your Quick 2021 Holiday Guide

The Best Gifts for Athletes: Your Quick 2021 Holiday Guide

For those of you with athletic friends, finding the right gift for them this holiday season might feel tricky. When there is workout equipment everywhere you look, how do you know which are good quality items your loved ones will actually like and use? 

The workout fanatics and experts at RhinoRope™ have you covered with the best 10 gifts for athletes. We’ve picked out a well-rounded selection of assorted items that target different areas of the body and serve various purposes. 

Better yet, most of these items are on sale! We know how expensive workout gear and equipment can be, which is why we included items that have generous discounts going on. So, be sure to check out these items before they sell out for the holidays.


1. The RhinoRope™ Weighted Jump Rope

A good athlete appreciates a full-body workout that you can do and take anywhere. The RhinoRope™ Weighted Jump Rope fulfills this job and more. 

The weighted jump rope gives you a full-body workout, helping build muscle and burn twice as many calories as other cardio exercises. Best of all, it’s portable, so your friend can take the rope wherever they go!

Here are some other key features the RhinoRope™ weighted jump rope offers: 

  • They come in three different widths and weights:
    • 25MM - Light (ideal for those wanting a good cardio workout) 
    • 38MM - Medium (perfect for those wanting the best of both worlds—cardio and strength training)
    • 50MM - Heavy (ideal for those wanting to build muscle)
  • All three ropes are roughly 3 meters long. They work well for people with heights from 5’4 to 6’5.
  • The rope can easily be incorporated into other cardio and strength training workouts. In fact, RhinoRope™ also carries 15-pound battle ropes you might want to consider as well!

For more details, read all about weighted rope workouts here.


2. Stealth Core Trainer Plankster

This is the perfect gift for professional athletes who love video games. The Stealth Core Trainer Plankster turns a boring plank exercise into an interactive gaming experience. 

The Plankster has you twist, turn, and rotate your body during a fun game. By doing this, your movements target a total of 29 different muscles. Let’s just say the Stealth Core Trainer Plankster is a unique way to level up your friend’s plank game. 


3. COREwheels by SKLS

Your athlete buddy already likely has a set of dumbbells. Why not help them switch up their strength training with COREwheels by SKLS

COREwheels are like dumbbells, except they have rolling wheels, which can easily switch up someone’s usual plank, pushup, and pillar exercises. The results? A pretty stellar core workout. 

Here are some of the key features your friend will get with COREwheels:

  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Lightweight design that makes it easy to move around 
  • A training guide to help your friend dive right into their new exercises

4. Bala Bangles

Help your friend make every workout movement matter more with Bala Bangles—stylish, weighted bands that you can put around your wrists and ankles. 

They add comfortable resistance to workouts and work best for lower-impact activities. So if your friend engages in activities like pilates, yoga, or swimming, these Bala Bangles might be a hit. 


5. TriggerPoint Foam Rollers

Recovery is a crucial part of an athlete’s journey. After a hard workout, your friend can enjoy a relaxing recovery workout with TriggerPoint Foam Rollers

The foam rollers are meant to mimic the hands of a massage therapist and offer a much-needed recovery session. They come in a variety of sizes that provide different self-care options depending on your needs. They’re lightweight and compact, so they can go wherever your athlete friend needs them. 


6. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

Got a friend who is a yogi? They could probably put this yoga wheel set by UpCircleSeven to good use. 

The yoga wheel set features three sizes—6 inches,10 inches, and 12 inches—that helps improve yoga routines and even make some poses more challenging. Better yet, your friend can use them to roll out their back after their yoga class. 


7. Therabody Massage Gun

If you’re looking at gifts for your fitness instructor, look no further than Therabody's massage guns or Theraguns. Your fitness instructor is likely on their feet for hours at the gym, and these massage guns can be the perfect way for them to decompress their muscles and relax between teaching sessions. 

Theraguns have brushless motors with QuietForce Technology™ that provide a 60-percent deeper massage than average massage devices. They also have customizable speed ranges with an ergonomic handle design.

You might also want to consider the Theragun mini. It’s small and portable and provides on-the-go relief, which can be perfect for your busy and active fitness instructor. 


8. Fitbit Health Tracker

Does your exercise buddy have all the equipment they need? No worries! Consider looking at health trackers from Fitbit

These trackers can help your friend stay on top of all their health goals. Here are some of the key features of Fitbit trackers: 

  • Tracks activities (walking, running, swimming, etc.)
  • Has a 24/7 heartbeat monitor
  • Offers a stress management tool that features breathing exercises 
  • Smartphone integration via the Fitbit app

The great thing about these Fitbit trackers is that they come in several versions with different price points. With more options, you can find one that best fits your budget. 


9. GymShark Workout Clothes

Active folks can never have too many workout clothes. And at GymShark, you’ll find practical and functional gym clothes (sweat-wicking, flexible, and durable) that look good. 

Not to mention, they’re affordable! You can find t-shirts as low as $20 and shorts as low as $30. GymShark also has a separate sales section on its website for both men and women


10. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

You can’t go wrong with getting a water bottle as a gift for that professional athlete or amateur fitness enthusiast in your life. After all, hydration is critical before, during, and after any workout. There are a lot of brands out there, but Hydro Flask bottles are your best bet. 

Here’s why: 

  • Hydro Flask bottles have TempShield™ insulation, which keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. 
  • You can customize a Hydro Flask bottle by selecting specific colors and engraving your friend’s name on it. That way, their water bottle won’t get lost in the sea of identical bottles at the gym.
  • Hydro Flask bottles are environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles. They are made of durable, pro-grade stainless steel. 

Get Access to High-Quality & Affordable Gear from RhinoRope™

While you’re adding these holiday gifts to your carts, don’t forget to include the RhinoRope™ Weighted Jump Rope and Battle Rope. With these, you’ll be sure to give your friends a full-body, high-calorie-burning workout this holiday season. If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is!