Shred Fat with Weighted Rope Exercises

Shred Fat with Weighted Rope Exercises

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If you have made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape this year, it’s now time to get moving. While setting fitness goals can be exciting, deciding how to go about it can be a little confusing. There are many things to consider.

What is the best exercise equipment to lose weight? Should you focus on aerobic or anaerobic exercise to burn fat?

These ideas will help you get started. After all, once you find a workout routine that you like and that gives you results, you are likely to keep going.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise

Just walk into a gym the first Monday after New Year’s, and you’ll see more than a lot of people crowding to get in shape. You’ll also see a lot of different exercises. From treadmills to weights to yoga, there are many approaches to choose from.

Aerobic exercises like jogging on a treadmill, using a stair climber, and biking help you build endurance while burning calories. To lose weight, you need a caloric deficit, and constant state cardio is a traditional go-to. These benefits have the drawback, though, of not helping to build strength like anaerobic exercises.

On the other hand, anaerobic exercises like lifting weights offer the combined benefits of burning fat while also increasing strength and muscle mass. These combined advantages are desirable, though they can come at the cost of not building endurance like cardio.

Constant State Cardio Versus HIIT

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If you decide to focus more on aerobic exercise, you then have the choice between constant state cardio like running or biking and high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. HIIT workouts can involve a similar activity to constant state exercises like running.

For example, instead of running at the same pace for a longer period of time, you would run harder for a short duration, say 30 seconds, then slow down to a walk for 30 seconds, and then ramp it back up again for several intervals.

While constant state cardio can burn more calories, HIIT workouts have the potential to burn much more fat.

Combining Cardio and Strength Training with Weighted Rope Exercises

You also have the option of performing a range of bodyweight exercises that can give you the cardio benefits of HIIT along with solid strength training. One of the best examples of this is jumping rope with a weighted rope.

Can you lose weight jumping rope? Absolutely! In fact, jumping rope is one of the best HIIT exercises you can do. Intervals of jumping rope can be very intense and pack a lot of benefits into each workout. It’s possible to burn over 1,000 calories per hour by jumping rope.

Doing weighted rope exercises increases the benefits of jumping rope. A weighted rope adds a strength training component to the movement. Your upper body has to hold that heavier rope and keep it moving. It also adds to the weight you have to lift each time you jump.

Another benefit of weight rope exercise is that you can skip that crowded gym altogether. You just need a weighted rope and a little space to get a great workout. Plus, there are endless jump rope workouts you can structure to keep it interesting and challenging.

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