RhinoRope’s Full-Body Workout Plan at Home

RhinoRope’s Full-Body Workout Plan at Home

Battle ropes provide a full-body workout that can target every muscle group you want to strengthen, define, and develop. Grab your battle rope, follow along with RhinoRope’s full-body workout plan at home, and find out what battle ropes do for your workout

Upper Body - Renegade Row

Place your RhinoRope on the ground with the ends being shoulder length apart. While in a pushup position with your legs slightly further than shoulder-width apart.

Keeping your body lifted off the ground, grab the rope with one hand, lift it to your chest or hip, and put the rope back on the ground. One set of renegade rows should include 10 lifts with your right arm and 10 lifts with your left.

Lower Body - Squats

RhinoRopes are heavy and can be used as weights to make normal strength-building activities more effective. Drape the 50mm RhinoRope behind your neck with the ends of the rope coming down in front of your chest to add 8.8 lbs to your squat. During the middle of your set, this can add an extra layer of burn to your glutes, quads, hamstrings, adductor, lower back, and calves. 

We recommend doing 10-20 squats (depending on your fitness level). You should feel your legs start to wobble just a bit as you finish your last squat in the set. Rest for two minutes, and then repeat your reps. 

If you get bored of normal squats, try using a squat variation like a side squat, pistol squat, plié squat, or side-kick squat to work and strengthen your muscles in new ways. 

Core - Jumping

No jump rope workout plan is complete without actually jumping the rope. Skipping a normal rope is a great cardio exercise, but with a RhinoRope, jumping rope turns into so much more. A single jump set for five minutes with a one-minute recovery period will help you strengthen, tighten, and tone your core. 

If that doesn’t pack the punch you’re looking for, try a few jumping variations to get the burn you need. 

  • Alternate foot step jump - Alternate between jumping with your right and left foot, like you are running in place with each rope rotation.
  • High knees - This is like the alternate foot step jump, but you bring your knee up as you jump. 
  • Mummy kicks - Another variation on alternate foot steps, with each foot alternation, you extend your leg straight out, working your hip flexor. 
  • Side swing - Swing the rope to the right of your body, to the left of your body, and then do a traditional jump with normal arm positioning. This will strengthen your core while also working your arms. If this is too fast of a pace, try doing multiple rotations on each side of your body before transitioning to the other side or doing a normal jump. 
  • Twists - Rather than keeping your hips square with your shoulders, you can strengthen your core by adding small twists to your jumps with each jump. You keep the same upper body technique, but change your legs and core function throughout the jump. A good starting pattern is jumping while twisting at your hips, so your legs are facing 90 degrees to the right, jumping and facing your feet forward, jumping and twisting to face 90 degrees to the left, and then jumping with your feet centered again.

Cardio - Interval Training

Interval training, also known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is working in short, energetic bursts of exercise followed by recovery periods. If you’ve ever lifted weights before, this should feel familiar as you are used to doing one set of reps, taking a short break, and then going back and doing the same set of reps again. 

Any exercise with the Rhino Rope can be used in interval training to help strengthen muscles and improve your cardiovascular health. When using any of these exercises, you should be spending about 75%-90% of your energy within the exercise time (about 30 seconds) and then resting for one to two minutes. 

For example, you could modify the jump rope cardio routine into a HIIT workout by doing simple jumps for one minute to warm-up, followed by a burst of twist jumps at a higher speed for 30 seconds. After the high-intensity exercise period, you can either sit down for a minute to rest or go back to slow regular jumps to keep your muscles moving to avoid cramping while resting. 

Balance - Speed Jumps

Flexibility and balance help in sports, strength training, and everyday life. Improving your flexibility and balance helps in your day-to-day life. A good way to improve balance is by jumping rope, so we’re going to finish this full-body workout with one more set of jump rope drills. 

When you’re jumping rope, you have to re-establish your balance between each jump, so for this exercise, we are more interested in the speed of your jumps than the weight or jump variation you use. Take 30 seconds and see how many jumps you can perform. The real pros use alternate foot step jumps and look like they’re running in place, but we’re not expecting you to set a new world record. We’re more interested in making sure after each jump, you feel stable and grounded before making another jump. 

Flexibility - Full Body Stretch

Stretching isn’t optional. Without stretching, your muscles shorten and become tight, making them unable to extend all the way when you need them to work. Muscles need dedicated time to stretch to help them rebuild and become flexible, strong, and healthy. Stretching helps increase muscle growth and increases overall strength.

Start stretching at your feet, and work slowly up through each muscle group to your head, holding each stretch to a slow ten count before moving on. This can help your muscles get the blood flow they need after a strenuous full-body workout and can help reduce unwanted soreness. 

Get Started with RhinoRope

You don’t need much to get a full-body workout plan at home. Launch your at-home fitness routine by buying your RhinoRope today. If you’re a beginner, the 25mm or 38mm RhinoRope can be a good starting point to get the most from your at-home workout. If you already love your jump rope and want to take your exercises to the next level, try our 50mm RhinoRope.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Crossfit rope, our Battle Rope is 32 feet long and 15 pounds. It provides you with a different range of full-body workout options you can do at home. 

Get started and order your RhinoRope today!