How to Stay Fit During the Global Pandemic

How to Stay Fit During the Global Pandemic - RhinoRope

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With the coronavirus still ravaging the United States after more than 18 months, Americans feel that gyms may be unsafe. Many are still social distancing, preferring alternative ways to stay fit. 

If you desire full-body workout equipment, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. A RhinoRope is the ultimate way to work out anywhere. This weighted rope offers a game-changing workout. Here are some other tips for staying healthy during quarantine.

How to Work Out Indoors

There are plenty of ways to get exercise without even leaving your home. Here are some indoor workouts to try:

  • Yoga. Yoga offers something for everyone. Whether you’ve never done it before and just want to try some stretches or you’re an expert desiring intense poses, you can find online help. YouTube offers videos for people of all fitness levels.  
  • Incorporate calisthenics. Working from home? Take a break, turn on some music and do a round of push-ups or sit-ups. Get your heart pumping with some jumping jacks and squats. These are great ways to get fit without full-body workout equipment.
  • High-intensity interval training. For something more intense, try high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In this type of workout, you go hard and fast for a short amount of time. A RhinoRope is a great way to get fit and build muscle quickly. These ropes are the only piece of full-body workout equipment you’ll need. They weigh 5.5 or 8.8 pounds, so you can engage your muscles and burn calories even with just a few minutes of use per day. 

How to Work Out Outdoors

If possible, exercise outside your home. The fresh air and sun are good for the body, mind, and soul. Here are some ways to incorporate outdoor activities: 

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  • Walk or jog around the neighborhood. Take the dog or invite a friend for a walk around the block. Just go at a comfortable pace and take time to enjoy your surroundings.
  • Walk up and down stairs. If there are flights of stairs around you, go up and down them. Stairs provide a good source of exercise. You can change things up by going up the stairs quickly or maybe skipping steps. 
  • Join the kids. Exercising with the kids is a great way to bond and get fit. Ride bikes or play tag or hide and seek. If possible, play sports like basketball or soccer.

Other Ways to Stay Fit

Besides exercising, there are other ways to stay healthy during quarantine:

  • Eat healthily. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables to get adequate vitamins and minerals. Try to avoid processed foods. 
  • Get enough sleep. Adequate rest is essential for building your body’s immunity. Aim for seven hours of sleep per night. 
  • Incorporate mindfulness. Don’t just walk outside—experience the outdoors to the fullest! Take note of the sun and wind, the flowers, the birds chirping, and the other sights and sounds. This mindfulness can enhance your creativity.

Begin Your Healthy Routine Today

You don’t need expensive full-body workout equipment to stay healthy. Get your indoor workout started with RhinoRope. Contact us today to order a heavy jump rope and transform your body.