How to Create Your Own Workout Plan

How to Create Your Own Workout Plan

Anytime is a good time to decide to get fit. Whether you are starting to work out after being relatively inactive, or you are looking for a change of pace or a more complete workout, it’s important to make a plan.

Creating a workout plan is a perfect way to get excited about working out. It also gives you ideas for your workouts each day, so you can get to work instead of spending time deciding what to do. Knowing how to create your own workout plan will help you avoid key pitfalls and reach your goals.

Set Goals

The importance of setting both short-term fitness goals and long-term fitness goals cannot be understated. Being specific with your goals helps keep you motivated, and it gives you a blueprint to follow when you create your own workout plan.

Long Term Fitness Goals

We are all pretty familiar with long-term fitness goals. These tend to include big-picture visions of where we want to get in our fitness journeys. Yours might include losing 20 pounds or 50 pounds. It might be related to an action like running a half marathon. While having more general goals like “get in shape” can serve as a starting place, it helps to have specific, measurable goals to target.

Short Term Fitness Goals

Long-term fitness goals are more about the destination of your fitness journey. Short-term fitness goals are about how you get there. They include things that you can start doing or accomplish soon. Yours can include things like working out three times per week, adding time or distance to your workout, or lifting a little more weight.

Setting both long and short-term goals is important. The long-term vision keeps you motivated by giving you a vision you want to achieve. Short-term goals are key for getting you there. You need specific actions to move toward your long-term goals. You also need to chalk up some wins along the way that serve as regular accomplishments that aren’t quite so lofty.

With both, your goals need to be within your control and relatively achievable.

Key Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Your Own Workout Plan

Be Safe

Make sure you are healthy enough for the type of exercise you want to do and that you first focus on achieving correct form when starting any unfamiliar exercise.

Pick Exercises You Enjoy

Getting fit requires work, and sometimes that work can be grueling. In addition to running, swimming, and lifting, you can explore new workouts like yoga or jump rope.

Find a Workout Buddy

Working out with friends makes it more social, and you can keep each other accountable so you show up.

Make Goals Realistic

If you have goals like losing weight, make sure you take a healthy approach. Getting fit is a journey that takes time if you want it to last.

Don’t Forget to Warm Up and Cool Down

An easy mistake to make is to jump right into an exercise without properly warming up. This can lead to injury and derail your fitness journey. When you’re done, do a sufficient cool down as well.

Don’t Do Cardio Before Weights

If you plan to lift weights and do cardio in a single workout, lift weights first. Trying to lift when fatigued from cardio can lead to improper form and injury.

Don’t Forget Your Fuel

Fitness is about more than exercise. A healthy diet is key as well. On top of diet, getting enough sleep is also key.

Creating your own fitness plan is an exciting process. You get to develop a long term vision of yourself and plan how to get there. For more help and information, check out the products and resources at Rhino Rope. We’re here to help you on your fitness journey.